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Property Management

Why bridge Point Property Management?

Embark on a new era of property ownership with Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors as we extend our expertise in property management services to our valued customers. Having successfully managed our own diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties, we are thrilled to offer our proven proficiency to you. Our dedicated team ensures a streamlined approach to property management, handling everything from tenant acquisition and lease administration to meticulous property maintenance and comprehensive financial reporting. Benefit from our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service, allowing you to reap the rewards of property ownership with confidence. Discover the Bridge Point advantage in property management, where your investment is our priority.

Tenant Acquisition and Screening:
Advertising vacant commercial or residential properties
Conducting thorough tenant background checks
Managing the tenant application process
Lease Administration:
Drafting and managing lease agreements
Handling lease renewals and terminations
Enforcing lease terms and policies
Property Maintenance:
Regular property inspections
Coordination of repairs and maintenance
Emergency response services
Financial Management:
Rent collection and disbursement
Budgeting and financial reporting
Handling property-related expenses
Legal Compliance:
Ensuring compliance with local housing regulations
Handling eviction processes if necessary
Staying informed about changing property laws
Communication and Customer Service:
Providing a point of contact for tenants
Addressing tenant concerns and inquiries
Regular communication with property owners
Technology Integration:
Implementing property management software
Providing online portals for owners and tenants
Streamlining communication through digital platforms
Market Analysis and Pricing:
Conducting market research for optimal rent pricing
Adjusting rent rates based on market trends
Maximizing property income potential
Insurance Coordination:
Assisting with property insurance needs
Assisting insurance claims on behalf of property owners
Assisting with adequate coverage for properties
Customized Services for Commercial Properties:
Lease negotiations with commercial tenants
Managing common area maintenance (CAM) charges
Handling compliance with zoning and building codes