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Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and professional network, our firm is well-positioned to assist businesses in filling their Board Positions with highly qualified individuals, ensuring strategic alignment and strong leadership for future growth.

We provide top-tier business
consulting/coaching services, utilizing our depth of experience and industry insights to guide organizations towards operational efficiency, strategic growth, and sustained profitability.

We offer comprehensive business valuations, deploying sophisticated strategies to accurately determine your company’s worth in the current marketplace.

Offer specialized forensic accounting services, applying meticulous investigation and financial analysis techniques to uncover discrepancies, prevent fraud, and provide thorough, defensible insights for both legal and business contexts.

Expert commercial real estate valuations, utilizing extensive market knowledge and cutting-edge technology to accurately assess the value of your property in today’s competitive market.

Our firm delivers comprehensive tax and financial advising services, deploying our team of seasoned experts to help businesses optimize their fiscal strategies, navigate complex regulations, and drive towards financial stability and growth.

Provide a thorough Technology Review/Audit service, which includes an ADA compliance check, ensuring your digital platforms meet accessibility standards and are optimized for performance, security, and overall user experience.

This Accredited Investor group is dedicated to investing in a diversified portfolio, including real estate, businesses, and other riskier assets, utilizing a strategic approach to maximize returns while managing risks in an ever-evolving investment landscape.

Bridge Point is a leading business brokerage firm with a team of experienced brokers, advisors, and other experts who can help CPAs and book keepers close more deals and earn more commissions.