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Partner for Success

Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors is a leading business brokerage firm with a team of experienced brokers, advisors, and other experts who can help CPAs and book keepers close more deals and earn more commissions.

Here are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Bridge Point:

Access to a network of buyers and sellers
Expert guidance and support throughout the buying and selling process
Competitive commission rates
Flexible partnership options

Bridge Point offers two ways for CPAs and book keepers to partner:

Business partnership: CPAs and book keepers can become business partners of Bridge Point and receive a referral fee for every client they refer to the company.
Broker/agent: CPAs and book keepers can become brokers/agents with Bridge Point and receive a commission on every deal they close.
Bridge Point also offers Colibi, a partner schooling program that provides CPAs and book keepers with the training and support they need to become successful commercial real estate and business brokers.

If you are a CPA or book keeper who is looking to get more money for helping your clients in commercial real estate and business brokering, then you should partner with Bridge Point.

Contact Bridge Point today to learn more about our partnership options and how we can help you succeed.

Want to get your Real Estate License? Visit our partner Colibri Real Estate.