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Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors

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Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors is a premier business and real estate brokerage firm dedicated to enabling seamless transactions of all sizes. With a team of experienced brokers, advisors and other experts and partners, we specialize in facilitating the buying and selling process ensuring a smooth and successful transition for all parties involved. Our strength lies in our deep understanding of markets, comprehensive evaluations, and our commitment to match the right buyers with sellers. At Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors, we believe that every listing has a unique value, and we pride ourselves in unearthing that value and optimizing the financial return for our clients. Partner with us for a professional and rewarding experience.




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Successful Buy/Sells

Our company

Our reputation is built on years of expertise, dedication, and recognition, making us a leading choice for those seeking unparalleled industry acumen. At Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors, we are one of the most experienced and most accredited brokers in the nation.
Best Industry Experts
Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors partners with the leading companies, lawyers, banks and many others to ensure that every transaction is completed efficiently and effectively.
Solution To Any Problem
With our vast experience, staff, and partners, Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors is able to devise a customized solution to any problem, no matter how complex.
Flexible Pricing
While our expertise is valuable, we understand that not everyone has the same budget. That's why we offer a variety of pricing options to make our services accessible to everyone.
Modern Approach
At Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors, technology is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage the latest technologies to help our clients achieve their business goals more efficiently and effectively.
Great Client Support
Bridge Point Business & Real Estate Advisors is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional support, and we are willing to work around the clock to help them meet their deadlines if needed.

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Mission Statement

Provide unparalleled guidance and support to fellow entrepreneurs navigating the complex process of business and real estate transactions. As a team of experienced owners who have successfully walked these path ourselves, we understand firsthand the challenges and emotions involved. We are dedicated to delivering personalized, empathetic, and results-driven service, ensuring that our clients feel understood and confident throughout every stage of the transaction. Trust us to be your relatable partner, turning your hard work into a fruitful and rewarding legacy.

Randy Woodruff; CPA, CFE

Bridge Point President / Broker / Founder

Randy Woodruff